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Husume - "хьюсум"


Лыжи PRIOR Husume

2010 Husume Hybrid Rocker Technology

Награда журнала SKIER'S CHOICEНаграда журнала SKIER'S CHOICE


The perfect backcountry ski! Husume, the newest Prior ski is our answer to the perfect backcountry A/T or Tele ski question. The ingredients are as follows: rockered pow-tip and tail, camber underfoot, moderately long sidecut, dialed flex, 12-14mm taper, squared tail, maple core, sintered diecut base. And of course waist width…..100-106 mm providing the best of weight savings, float, and skinning mobility. Not only is the Husume the perfect backcountry ski, it’s also a great everyday choice for Whistler type on-piste terrain too.

Husume is named after a premier backcountry run accessible behind Blackcomb Mountain only a few minutes from our factory.

The Husume provides the perfect amount of floatation in powder: just enough depth to get you into the white room and enough width underfoot to keep you afloat.

Husume’s kill it in powder and soft snow yet still perform in all mountain conditions including hard pack and chunder.'

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Размеры лыж











Общая длина (см)
163 169 175 181 188 193
Ширина носка (мм)
120 124 124 125 128 130
Талия (мм)
98 100 102 104 106 110
Ширина пятки (мм)
108 112 112 112 114 116
Тейпер (мм)
12 12 12 13 14 14
Радиус выреза (м)
18 21 21 25 27 28
Смещение креплений назад (см)
4 4 4.5 5 5.5 6
Эффективная длина канта(мм)
н.д. н.д. н.д. н.д. н.д. н.д.
Длина носка (мм)
н.д. н.д. н.д. н.д. н.д. н.д.
Длина пятки (мм)
н.д. н.д. н.д. н.д. н.д. н.д.
Вес лыж(г)
3200 3500 3800 4000 4300 4500
Рекомендуемый вес райдера (кг)
53-85 60-90 65-95 75-100 75-105 75-110