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Сплитборд KHYBER - "хайбер"


сплитборд Khyber

2010 Khyber Rocker Technology

The 2010 Khyber Splitboard has Prior's new Hybrid-Rocker Profile for off-the-charts powder performance!

The Khyber Split's wider nose, generous sidecut and increased taper have always provided excellent float and maneuverability in powder conditions as well as minimizing back leg burn in the pow. Now, with the new Hybrid-rocker technology, the tip releases even sooner which causes the board to stay afloat in the deepest pow and increases the board's quick-turning nimbleness. Camber underfoot allows for performance in hard-pack and variable snow conditions too. The 2010 Khyber Splitboard makes riding tight trees and critical sections easier than you've ever dreamed possible.

The Khyber split is named after an off-piste area on Whistler Mountain that is legendary for its treed powder stashes. There is a great view of the Khyber region from the Prior factory - on a good day we can ride the Khyber trees almost into our back door.

Best for - Powder of all kinds - from tight trees to chutes, pillow lines and open bowls. The Khyber also performs well on crud, hardpack and the wide variety of winter snow conditions.

Rider type - Self propelled backcountry snowboarders who want a maneuverable, quick-turning ride that maximizes their powder experience.

PS: WANT CAMBER? – You can purchase your Khyber with traditional camber throughout the boards running length. Simply mention "I want traditional camber" in the comments box of the online order form.

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Общая длина (см)
150 156 160 165 170
Эффективная длина канта(см)
109.3 114.6 118.3 122.5 126.4
Длина носа (см)
24.7 24.7 24.9 25.3 25.6
Длина хвоста (см)
16 16.7 16.8 17.2 18
Ширина носа (см)
30 30.8 30.9 31.8 32
Ширина хвоста (см)
28 28.7 28.7 29.3 29.5
Талия (см)
25 25.5 25.5 26 26.5
Радиус выреза (м)
7 07.5 8 08.5 9
Тейпер (мм)
20 21 22 25 25
Смещение закладных назад (см)
2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5
Ширина стойки (см)
43-58.5 45-61 45-61 45-61 43-63.5
Рекомендуемый вес райдера (кг)
35-65 50-80 55-85 70-100 80-105
Вес сплитборда (кг)
3.4 3.55 3.6 3.85 4.5
Указанный вес сплитборда указан с учетом веса установленных на сплитборд - монтажных скоб Voile, скоб подъема пятки и всех крючков-защелок.